Bay Windows are ideal for those who love having a complete view of their back or front yard. A bay window is different from a bow window (while they both provide excellent views) and is most noticeable by the three edges that jut outwardly at 45 or 90 degrees. These are an addition to any home and provide ample interior space where you can add window seats, drapes, a nook, accent chairs, or anything to add more comfort and vibrancy.

The morning light coming through your Bay window is excellent. It’s a terrific place to take in the view. Your living room will immediately feel larger and more inviting. Bay Windows have been a staple in home design since the 1400s, adding elegance and aesthetic complements for building exteriors.

There are five different types of Bay Windows, depending on your personal preference or functionality requirements;

Box Bay Windows

These windows usually form a rectangle and are great for sunrooms, sitting rooms, reading rooms, or any other area where you’d want to be in a chair to soak up the sunlight. The depth for Box Bay windows can be up 18 to 24 inches deep.

Oriel Bay Windows

These are the most dated type of bay windows, and you may recognize the appearance straight from historical depictions of the English Rennaissance era. These types of bay windows are on any floor of the house and usually, come with a bracket made of stone or wood to help provide support.

Canted Bay Windows

Very similar to Box Bay Windows, Canted Bay windows are slanted and angled instead of flat for a different aesthetic appearance to accent the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

Circle Bay Windows

This window design is unique and adds flair and ornate, with large round panes of glass around the sides of the bay. These are usually the most intricately designed type of bay windows, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of their robust exterior appearance.