Casement Windows

Casement Windows are energy efficient and secure, ideal for tight spaces. Casement windows also include a convenient handle that folds inwardly when not in use. These windows have multiple points where locks are placed, meaning an airtight seal can be established to shut out cold weather and secure against thefts. You simply unfold the handle with casement windows and crank it counterclockwise to open smoothly.

Casement windows are great for bringing in the breeze and are known by many as “cranky windows” for the handle that winds to open them. Instead of going from top to bottom or side to side, Casement windows swing out like a door.

Casement windows come with a lock and handle, which allows the window to open up like a door, all the way to 90 degrees. These are great for getting a lot of breeze in your house’s “stuffier” rooms and tend to capture more of a wind flow due to their design. When it is closed, the casement window does not appear as though it opens up. This appearance of a picture window makes your house more secure due to the deterrent that a locked and seemingly “unopenable” window poses for potential thieves.

Casement windows offer optimal space to escape in the event of a fire. Some casement windows feature detachable sashes, separating the glass panes from the frame to open wide for cleaning purposes.

Two-tone trims or single colour available. If you are considering new windows for your house, now is the time to look into your options for Casement Windows. Casement windows have better quality hardware and more robust frame materials. Three feet wide by five feet tall is usually as large as Casement windows are created when it comes to size.

Sound Reduction

There is a tight seal because of the closing and tightening mechanism with a lock. Casement windows have the best ratings for sound reduction and air infiltration for any type of window that opens up.