Our Residential Doors

Believe it or not, the front door is your home’s first and most noticeable component. The exterior doors of your home provide a can’t-miss accent to its overall aesthetic appearance, and you want to ensure that it looks terrific and that it is also long-lasting and durable. 

Your door is the primary entry point to your humble abode, so any visitor will notice the distinct design and Canadian-made manufacturing quality when you opt for doors from Premier North Windows & Doors.

Our team custom manufactures your door and performs the installation, which means that it will fit the space 100% correctly. Your new or repaired door will be secure and airtight, providing comfort and peace of mind knowing that your insulation is adequate. With quality craftsmanship for your door repair, replacement, and/or installation, you will never again lose money on energy bills. Check out our wide selection of custom doors today.

Premier North Windows & Doors: Repair & Installation

We have provided window and door repair and installation to the following cities:




Many people don’t realize how integral their residential windows and doors are for home comfort and safety, both from the elements and intruders. Our team will provide a free consultation to analyze the current state of your window or door with a concrete plan of action to rectify the situation. Sometimes, it may be a simple repair job, and other times, an entirely new installation is required.

If your home requires a touch-up to its windows or doors, contact Premier North Windows & Doors today at (905)476-1630 or email at [email protected] for fast and effective repairs. We carry the most common window and door manufacturers with the experience and capabilities to care for the toughest repair jobs.